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See below for information regarding Black Angus and Jersey beef!


Where's the Beef?

Howard Carter with Poultry Paradise and the Herring Family with IHS Farm are happy to announce our upcoming butcher dates! We have pasture raised Black Angus and Jersey that we then grain finish for 120 days. This makes for a tasty tenderness that we have enjoyed for years. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Howard Carter                      David Herring     

(479)530-6386                      (479)445-7711

Pricing and Timelines

We are offering halves or wholes. A non-refundable deposit of $150 per half or $300 per whole is required to secure your place on the list. This is due when you reserve your order. It will be deducted from the amount owed at the weigh date, which will be one week before your butcher date. The target weight is between 1,000-1,200 lbs. $2.75 lb is due before the butcher date (minus your deposit) payable to Poultry Paradise or Howard Carter.

You are welcome to be present at the farm to watch the weighing. This weighing will determine your amount due to the farm. You will have one week to get payment made before the cows go to the butcher. You will be notified when your cow is dropped off at the butcher and then you can coordinate with the butcher how you would like your beef cut and portioned. See below for the timeline for both butcher dates. 

The first set of butcher dates will be January 27th and 30th, 2023 and the second butcher dates will be May 22nd and 29th, 2023. In order to guarantee your beef for the January Butcher Date, your deposit must be in when the grain feeding starts, which will be September 20th, 2022. In order to guarantee your beef for the May Butcher Date, your deposit must be in when the grain feeding starts, which will be February 20th, 2023.

Butcher and Butcher Fees

You are responsible for the butcher fee and you pay them directly when you pick up your beef. Currently it is $40 a head (divided by your portion) plus $.75 per lb hanging weight. These prices are subject to change. Typically, your meat from the butcher will be ready between 10-14 days after it is dropped off. Below is the information for the Butcher. Gail is the owner and he will know which head is assigned to you.

Ozark Butcher

15395 Woolsey

West Fork AR

Gail: 479 839-3177

January 2023 Butcher Dates

-Deposit due by September 20th, 2022

-Weigh Date January 20th, 2023

-$2.75 per lb due by January 26th, 2023

-Butcher fees due at time of beef pickup

May 2023 Butcher Dates

-Deposit due by February 20th, 2023

-Weigh Date May 14th, 2023

-$2.75 per lb due by May 21st, 2023

-Butcher fees due at time of beef pickup

Helpful Tips

We know there are many people who have not purchased beef in bulk or worked with a butcher. You may be concerned about all the unknowns. Here are a few links that you might find helpful getting through the process.

Minimum Freezer Space Needed:

7 cubic for a half

14 cubic for a whole

If you research this you will find a wide range of recommendations. The ones I have here are normal for the size cow we raise. Obviously bigger is better and how well you pack the freezer can greatly impact the space needed.


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